Regal Assets Review – Is It A Good Choice?

Review of regal assetsWhen you are looking for a Gold IRA company, you will definitely come across the name Regal Assets. In the last few years, it has become one of the most popular and reputed business organizations for gold IRA rollover and other kind of investments. The company specializes in helping investors diverse their portfolio and secure futures by investing their money in gold and precious metals. Regal Assets has years of experience with investors interested in gold and precious metals.

Every staff member of the company has years of experience. The company also features a well designed website that provides investors with concise and clear information about the company and its services. Many investors dealing with Regal Assets consider it the best choice for gold investments. In this Regal Assets review, we have discussed everything about the company.

Website Content

As mentioned above, the company’s website talks about every aspect of the company. It provides you with information about the company’s background, benefits of rolling over 401K into Gold IRA, and important facts about this industry. In addition to this, the website also talks about the company’s achievements in the past, and how much clients love its services.

The positive reviews on the website don’t come as a surprise. There’s no doubt that the clients, customers and investors love the services offered by the company. It is quite obvious that a company won’t criticize its own services on the website. Almost every visitor to the website feels that the company has offered sufficient information to make the right choices.

Thus, you may wonder about the quality of services and whether the company delivers on its promises. It is easy and convenient to conduct an extensive research on the Internet to check if there are any positive reviews about the company to back up their claims.

Consumer Advocacy

Regal Assets has been analyzed and reviewed by many third party organizations. The company has received numerous positive reviews and testimonials from these organizations. The most important ones are Better Business Bureau and TrustLink.

Better Business Bureau – According to the company’s website, Regal Assets has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It is also accredited by the consumer advocacy organization. This information is absolutely true, and the Better Business Bureau ratings and accreditation have always been considered important.

In order to receive an A+ rating, a business organization needs to be accredited. If a company wants to be accredited, it should pay a nominal fee to the Better Business Bureau. With accreditation from Better Business Bureau, a company gives a positive impression to clients and customers.

In the last few years, the practices of the Better Business Bureau have been increasingly popular. It is one of the most trusted organizations to check a business organization’s performance and credibility.

There is no doubt that a good rating to Regal Assets from the Better Business Bureau shows the kind of products and services it offers. In recent years, Regal Assets has been able to build a strong reputation among investors.

Trustlink – It is worth mentioning that reviews from Trust Link are consumer driven. The service has been trusted by almost every customer and person. It is important to understand that the Trustlink website has been set up and run by the Better Business Bureau.

If the Better Business Bureau uses a particular system that gives credible and valid ratings to a business organization, you can only understand how important it is to consider Trust Link’s ratings for a business organization.

As mentioned earlier, Regal Assets has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Moreover, it has received a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. It has not even received more than 3 complaints, and over 230 5-stars from customers with Trustlink.

The company has also been featured in many different publications, including Inc. Magazine, Smart Money and Forbes. It has been rated No. 20 in the United States of America for financial services. It also featured in Forbes Magazine 2013 Investment Guide.

Services & Benefits

When you consider Regal Assets for a gold investment, the first thing you notice is the company’s unorthodox functioning and style. It is worth mentioning that the company works very differently from conventional Gold IRA companies. As mentioned earlier, the company has been able to build strong reputation in the industry. Here is a brief overview of the products and services offered by Regal Assets.

  • Regal Assets buys back a wide range of products at spot price. Thus, you are not ripped off your assets.
  • The company offers an affordable flat fee. It also covers the investor’s expenses for the first year.
  • Regal Assets delivers your assets through insured mail for some small packages. In addition to this, large shipments are delivered through armored Brinks delivery service. Large shipments are properly escorted by well trained and armed guards.
  • The company has always believed in a strong 7 day delivery policy regarding Gold, Silver and Platinum. Therefore, investors have faster access to all the assets.

When it comes to other companies, you won’t be able to find such excellent services and affordable prices. It’s worth mentioning that Regal Assets offers a wide range of services that investors expect from a reputed Gold IRA company. Some of these services include :

  • I purchases the Gold, which has been certified and approved by the IRS
  • It sets up a Gold Backed Self Directed IRA
  • It stores Gold secure and safe to provide you with peace of mind
  • It allows you to invest in a wide range of precious metals, such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and more. This can help you diversify the investment portfolio.

It’s important to understand that most Gold IRA investment companies only offer standard services. Once you have bought gold from the company, you are on your own. On the other hand, Regal Assets offers extensive services, and not only helps you invest in gold, but also plays an important role in managing your investment account and portfolio.

Gold IRA Product

As discussed earlier, most investors prefer Gold IRA investments to secure their future after retirement. Thus, this is one of the most popular and lucrative offerings from Regal Assets. With this account, an investor can take advantage of the growth potential and inflation hedging benefits of a precious metal like gold. In addition to this, such as account from Regal Assets can provide you with numerous tax benefits. Due to these benefits, many investors have started investing their money in Gold Backed Individual Retirement Accounts with Regal Assets.

There are a lot of investors who already have a Gold backed IRA. Such investors don’t need to worry about anything. When these investors choose Regal Assets, the company offers an excellent Gold IRA rollover option. This offering helps investors transfer their funds in an existing and stable account at some other company to a Regal Assets’ account. In case you are interested in this service, you can schedule a call or appointment with a customer care representative at the company’s official website.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) – Rollovers

Regal Assets has quickly become one of the best and most popular trading platforms. With this company, you can easily purchase and sell precious metals. Moreover, the company also helps you set up and run IRAs. It’s possible to add a wide range of precious metals to your retirement account, including Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum.

With precious metal investments, you are able to secure your future. Other options, such as 401k or Roth, are not as beneficial as a Gold backed IRA. Investing in gold can even reduce the risk of your investment declining with inflation. With Regal Assets, you can easily set up a new IRA. Moreover, you can roll over from a Roth or Traditional IRA.

Regal Assets makes sincere efforts to keep you informed and updated about all kinds of investments. When you invest in gold, you also receive a free investment kit from Regal Assets. This kit includes various tools and resources to explain how the investment works.

The best part about the company is that it offers physical assistance in purchasing precious metals at lower commission rates, opening new investment account and storing metals. Though you may have to pay a nominal fee, Regal Assets offers various packages to reduce the costs.

Customer Service

These days, a business can’t possibly survive without good customer service. Regal Assets understands this aspect of the business, and aims to offer excellent customer service. This has allowed the company to give a positive impression to most customers and clients. In the last few years, almost every investor with Regal Assets has appreciated and praised the professionalism and proficiency of the company’s customer care representatives.

Regal Assets only hires proper trained, qualified and educated customer care representatives to help investors with everything. With help from the customer service department, you won’t experience any problems when opening a new Gold IRA account with the company or rolling over your funds to Regal Assets. The customer service department will also help you with numerous formalities and paperwork associated with depositing or transferring funds into your account.

Other Benefits

It’s worth mentioning that Regal Assets offers many other benefits. The company provides you with an investment kit via priority mail free of charge. This investment kit includes magazines, DVDs, pamphlets and other resources to make sure clients and investors stay informed about the purchase.

It’s important to understand that the company’s service fee is considered the lowest in the precious metals investment industry, especially for retirement accounts. Regal Assets completely understands your specific needs and requirements. Therefore, it offers a wide range of packages to make sure you get the best service and returns on your investment.

Delivery and Payment

When your funds are in the transition stage, it’s important to focus on their safety and security. Regarding delivery and payment, Regal Assets provides you with many different options. If you want to store the precious metals like Gold or Silver in a third party depository, deliveries will be handled by the reputed Brinks Security Company. Regal Assets even hires additional security personnel sometimes. This makes sure the transition goes smoothly.

When it comes to your IRA account, it’s very important to store physical metals in a secure and safe third party depository. This can help you avoid any unnecessary taxes. It’s worth mentioning that Regal Assets is one of the few companies that offer third party storage in various safe and secure offshore locations, including Singapore. Your metals will also be protected by the renowned Brinks Security Company.

As mentioned earlier, small purchases from the company are directly delivered to investors through renowned and reputed shipping companies, such as FedEx, USPS and UPS. All the metals are packaged discreetly. With Regal Assets, investors can make payments up to 48 hours after the rollovers and deliver. In addition to this, the company also offers many different payments options, such as personal checks, money orders, bank wires, cashier’s checks and more.


In addition to Business Consumer Alliance and Better Business Bureau, Regal Assets has alliances and affiliations with many different business organizations, respected celebrities, authoritative parties in the industry and more. Thus, there’s no doubt about the credibility of the company.

It’s worth mentioning that Regal Assets also enjoys membership with many different organizations, such as United States Mint, Certified Coin Exchange, Professional Coin Grading Service, Paper Money Guaranty Corporation, Numismatic Conservation Service, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

Last but not the least, Regal Assets has also been endorsed by Dennis Miller, Alan Thicke, Laura Ingraham, Lars Larson, Jerry Doyle, Rush Limbaugh and other celebrities. Many celebrities have invested their funds with Regal Assets.


In the last few years, the company has gained tremendous popularity among investors. Regal Assets has been able to build a very strong reputation in the investment industry. There’s no doubt that the company is authentic and credible. This is the primary reason it has been certified by various reputed organizations, such as Trust Link, BCA and BBB.

Almost every authoritative organization and investor has given an excellent rating to the company. The company has also been extremely popular due to the positive feedback from investors and awards. When you want to make some investments in gold, Regal Assets will be your best choice.

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