Is Regal Assets the best gold IRA company to rollover your IRA or 401k?

regal-assets-review-siteThis is among the questions that you need to ask yourself before you decide to invest in the company. Remember while rolling over your 4012k to gold, it is an issue that you should treat with all the seriousness that it deserves because it involves saving your hard earned money. Before you decide to make use of regal assets as your best company in rolling your savings into precious metals, you should take time and asses the suitability of the company. Regal assets has customer care support who are great professionals. In case you approach them with any complaint, they will respond in a timely manner and offer you the necessary advice. The company has enough capacity to store your precious metal bars in safes which you will access any time according to your plans. The company has a lot of customers who trust it with the services that they offer. Is Regal Assets the best gold IRA company to rollover your IRA or 401k? This can be answered easily after reading the following qualities of the company:

1.Low Set up Fees

Regal assets will charge you low fees of $225 per year as set up costs. The cost will cover insurance fee, metal storage services and account management. This is unlike other companies where you will be charged on a monthly basis. By the fact that the company will charge you annually, you will not be stressed in paying the costs each month. In case you decide to buy gold coins in regal assets, you will be required to pay premiums. These are some of the hidden charges, the charges are usually associated with the price of the coins.

2. Non Pushy Customer Representatives

Before you rollover your IRA, you need to take time and understand the deal well. With regal assets you will have all your time to ask questions and be able to make decisions when you are sure about the savings that you are about to make. It is unlike other companies which will try as much as they can to convince you into rolling your IRA, this has made many people achieve in making the best decisions about their retirement plans. In most cases the representatives for Regal assets will try to make you understand the plans that they offer so that you will decide on your own whether to invest with them or not.

3. Regal Assets handles all the paperwork

After you decide to invest with regal asset, you will find the transfer of your 401K savings to gold IRA very easy. The company arranges for the paper work where you will easily transfer your savings into their accounts. To save on time they employ docusigns and electronic signatures which are very easy and fast to work with. Within a matter of 48 hours you will easily get all your funds transferred to the company from where you will easily buy the precious metals for you to store your wealth in them. Buying precious metals in your IRA account is very beneficial to you because in most cases the precious metals will appreciate in value as well as cushioning you against any form of inflation in your state of residence.

4. Rollover Transfer Process Updates

Even if you will like to rollover a lot of funds, you do not have to worry. It will take less than five days and on the process you will be called for you to offer different information. This will make you feel in control of your funds all through the process of rolling them over. The calls that you will get from the company will offer you necessary updates on the progress of your rollover process.

5. Portfolio Diversification

Not all precious metals will have the same value, you can access a total of 6 portfolios from the company. For you to understand more about the portfolios you can decide to call the representatives of the company.

Other reasons why regal assets is the best company for you to rollover your 401k to IRA

1. Regal assets is among top 20 fastest growing company published in Inc. 500

2. Has AAA Rating on Business Consumer Alliance

3. Regal assets has more than 600 Trustlink Positive Reviews

4. A+ Rating Based on Better Business Bureau Review

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